Focus Study Tips

How do I study with focus and concentration and avoid distractions and procrastination?

Focus study tips
Focus study tips

Here I want to share my Focus Study Tips with you. I study with focus and concentration and avoid distraction and procrastination by:

1. Set aside a specific time and place for studying. For example in your private study room.

2. Meditate before beginning to study. I personally need more time to do it and feel more focused when study.

3. Take notes, draw diagrams and graphs, and make lists of keywords during the reading process as these will help you process your learned content better.

4. While writing an essay, divide it into paragraphs and sections to keep it in order.

5. Use highlighters and colorful paper to boost your desire to learn or just simply write down all important points on a piece of paper, and stick them on your wall so that you see them every day when you wake up or even go to sleep.

6. Create a safe place for studying with no distractions for yourself (e.g.: put earplugs in if there is noise).

7. Reward yourself with something small as a reward for the completion of any goal, for example: buy yourself some chocolate every time you get over halfway through an essay/paper or finish something big like a whole book or chapter/unit.



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